Dad runs Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon for baby Liberty.

Alessandro's daughter Liberty was tragically born sleeping in 2011. He has decided to run The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon for Tommy's this October. Here's his story...


In 2011 baby Liberty was stillborn at 36 weeks. Routine pregnancy checks had failed to spot fetal growth restriction and Liberty was born sleeping at half the weight she should have been. 

Since the loss of Liberty, Alessandro and his wife Sophie have campaigned for better awareness of pregnancy complications and have spoken out about the need for more research in this area. 

This autumn Alessandro will be running The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon for Tommy's.

Here's his inspiring story:

Liberty would be 5 and a half, she would be at school, she would be a lot of fun, she would look exactly like me as she did when she was born, two days after she died.

There is no doubt Liberty should be here today. If anyone detected, as they should have, that Liberty was not growing properly because of an issue with the placenta, we would have certainly saved her.

No one did. Liberty was half the size she should have been at 36 weeks and no one found out, until the day she died.

At least another 1,000 babies a year die in the UK under very similar circumstances. Their deaths are totally preventable, today, with the budget and technology the NHS has already got.

We need to save them, here and now. That's why I run for Tommy's and that's why another 20 friends will run with me at the Royal Parks, for Liberty and Tommy's. Come on Team Liberty! Come on Tommy's!

Thank you Alessandro and Come on Team Liberty! We'll be there to cheer you on on the day!

You can join Alessandro and sign up for The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon here.

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