Record breaking Charmine Lacock donates 18 pints of breast milk weekly for preemie babies

After seeing premature babies and their parents in Special Care, Charmine wanted to do something to help.

Following the premature birth of her youngest daughter Paige who spent several days in Special Care, Charmine Lacock decided to help premature babies and their mothers by donating an incredible eighteen pints of breast milk on a weekly basis!

Mothers of premature babies sometimes find that due to the extra stress, fear, discomfort or fatigue that can go hand-in-hand with premature birth, they can have a slower start with breast feeding and are unable to produce milk immediately.

As breast milk is the best choice for a premature baby due to the antibodies and other substances it contains to help the baby’s immature gut and immune system, some units are able to offer donor milk.

Charmine volunteered to donate milk earlier this year after seeing other premature babies in Special Care whilst she was there with Paige,

“We saw those tiny, tiny babies who could fit in your hand, only managing to take 3 or 4 mls of milk at a time – I had to help.”

Charmine lives in Scotland where 4,000 babies are born premature every year. She donates to the milk bank via Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity and has collective donated 207 prints of breast milk since Paige’s birth.

We think that what Charmine is doing is amazing – breaking the current Guinness World Record for weekly average donation, Charmine expresses for a total of 6 hours per day!

Don’t feel guilty though if you’re not producing milk.

Giving birth prematurely does not prevent you from making milk for your baby – it is just that the added stress of birth may mean you have a slightly slower start.

With patience and support you can express and breastfeed successfully which will boost your babies health and also help you develop a bond with him/her.

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