Big Give: Dads and partners need support too

We know that the needs of dads and partners are often overlooked. There is very little support there for them. We urgently want to be there for dads and partners, to give support and build a community for partners to break the silence.

We want to be there for every parent who sadly experiences baby loss. 

Dads and partners have told us they feel helpless and powerless when their baby dies, and believe their grief is often overlooked. We also know that 1 in 12 of them experience long-term post traumatic stress after losing their baby.

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"Whenever a couple suffer a loss, we find many professionals direct their empathy and language towards the birth mother or parent, and I was a mere bystander.

My scars and pain weren’t physical, they were internal – so they went unseen, unnoticed.”

— Laura-Rose

No parent should be left feeling powerless and vulnerable, not knowing how to cope or where to turn to for help. 

38% of new dads worry about their mental health. The experience of dads and partners throughout the pregnancy journey is so important. Becoming a new parent can be a tough experience, so it’s essential that the mental health and wellbeing of all parents is spoken about and supported.

There needs to be more resources and support for dads and partners, especially for those who have previously experienced baby loss. We know that they often feel a need to be strong for the mother or person carrying the baby. But we must remember that dads and partners get perinatal and postnatal depression too.

We want to be there. We want to develop a hub for dads and partners to provide specialist support.

We need dads and partners to know they don’t have to face anything alone. But we need your help to do this.

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