Our beautiful son Rhian Maahi Bhudia was born sleeping at 27 weeks on 18 November 2022 at 02:31.

Ranj and Jiress experienced 2 miscarriages before their 3rd pregnancy with their baby boy Rhian Maahi Bhudia. Although everything had been progressing well with their 3rd pregnancy, sadly Rhian was born sleeping at 27 weeks. Ranj and Jiress are running the LLHM in memory of Rhian, and together have already raised over £3000 to support the work that Tommy’s does.

My husband Jiress (36), and I (36) got married in 2016 when I was 29 and he was 30. We wanted to wait for a couple of years before trying for a baby and in March 2021, we found out that I was pregnant. I sadly started bleeding at 7 weeks into the pregnancy and this continued for 2 weeks. While we saw the baby's heartbeat several times during trips to hospital during that time, we sadly miscarried at 9 weeks.

After our first miscarriage, we wanted to start trying for a baby again and we found out in June 2021 that I was pregnant again. 

Everything seemed to be going well in the second pregnancy but at the 12-week routine scan, we were told that no heartbeat could be detected. I was booked in for a D&C the very next day, took the weekend to recover, and went back to work the following Monday.

After the second miscarriage, I asked my GP to refer me to the recurrent miscarriage pathway due to a deterioration in my mental health. I was placed on the pathway at the Royal Free Hospital in London and was told to start taking folic acid 3 months before trying for a baby again, 75mg of aspirin and 2 cyclogest (progesterone) pessaries daily when receiving a positive pregnancy test.

In spring 2022, after holidays in India and Abu Dhabi, we found out we were expecting Rhian. With this pregnancy, we had hopes that everything would go well as aside from the NHS scans, we were also booking in private scans for extra reassurance. Each time we went for a scan, we were told just how active our gorgeous little bubba was. At the 20-week dating scan we were told that everything was looking perfect and that we were expecting a little boy.

After the 20-week scan, everything seemed to be going well but during the course of the pregnancy I started experiencing painful rib and pelvic pain. On 14 November 2022, Jiress and I had a scan booked at the Royal Free and it was at that appointment that we were told that our beautiful rainbow had lost his heartbeat. 

Ranj, Jiress and their baby boy



Our beautiful son Rhian Maahi Bhudia was born sleeping at 27 weeks on 18 November 2022 at 02:31.

We never thought our fertility journey would be this difficult. To have our hopes raised when seeing a positive pregnancy test to having our hopes dashed with a loss has been heartbreaking. The losses have taken a toll on mine and Jiress's mental health. Baby announcements are a trigger for me so I try to stay off social media.

This is mine and Jiress's first half marathon, and we are so proud to be raising money for Tommy's to help them support other families who have experienced loss. Jiress and I have collectively raised £3,094 for Tommy's for this LLHM and will continue to raise more once we have completed the half marathon. I am so grateful for any support I have received through Tommy's. I have found that their employees are very warm, kind, and empathetic.