Keeping my daughter's memory alive brings me the greatest pride

Rachel’s daughter Mavi-Mae sadly passed away at just 8 days old, after being born 17 weeks prematurely. She says fundraising for Tommy’s has helped keep Mavi-Mae’s memory alive.

Getting ready to meet my daughter

When I fell pregnant in October 2022, I was excited, nervous and hopeful about what was to come. We got ourselves ready for the arrival of our baby girl and couldn't wait to meet her.

But, in February 2023, I gave birth 17 weeks prematurely due to a placental abruption. After a scary, traumatic birth, my beautiful daughter Mavi-Mae was born. I'll never forget that day.


She showed me how to be strong

My baby girl lived for 8 days before she sadly passed away. During those 8 days, Mavi showed me just how strong I could be when being strong was my only option.  

My heart aches for my baby girl and I hope together we can make a difference so no one else has to feel the crippling pain I feel every single day.  


Becoming part of Team Tommy's

Tommy's mission has always been something so close to my heart. But, I didn’t realise how important it would actually become to me until I lost my baby girl. When we lost Mavi, I promised to keep my daughter's memory alive, and I knew I had to start by raising money for Tommy's.

As well as fundraising via private events, in August 2023, we're taking part in a sponsored walk from London to Brighton. All proceeds from our walk will be going to Tommy's and we're so proud to have raised over £2,500 so far.


Hopeful for others

My hope is that together, we can change the world and baby loss will become a distant memory. I hope the money we raise will help others find the answers they need after such traumatic experiences. To anyone out there going through baby loss - keep fighting for what you believe. You're not alone.