Messages of hope from the Tommy’s community for Mother’s Day 2024

To anyone who finds this time of year difficult, these are for you.

As part of our We See A Mum campaign, we asked our community to send us their messages of hope, love and support for anyone who might be feeling lost or forgotten at this time of year.

We had an incredible response, and alongside sharing some of these on social media across the week, we’re publishing more here for anyone who needs them this weekend.

We will get through this day just like every other day. You are a mum – a great one – and this day is also about you.

Happy Mothers Day even though our little ones are not with us. Lots of blessings and love x

You are not defined by what happens to you. You are loved, you are cared for and you are not alone.

You are still a mum. You may not be able to see your baby or be holding them in your arms but they are always there in your heart. It may not seem the sadness will ever end. The sadness will lessen over the years but your baby will always be a part of you, my losses were 40 and 37 years ago. I still think of my babies and l imagine what they would be doing now and that brings me comfort. Don't hide your sadness, talk to a trusted friend when you feel ready and that may help you through this hard time. You are not alone. I send you my love, a big hug and my support. Thinking of you X

Sending love and hope to everyone struggling to achieve their dreams ❤️

All your baby ever knew was love

Others may have forgotten that you are a mummy just because they can't see your child, but know that this community remembers and stands beside you. We are with you on these tough days x

I see you, I hear you and I am you!

I will be taking my furbabies for a beautiful walk this Mother's Day in memory of their 2 siblings that didn't make it into this world. Sending you all love and hopes of the future love we all deserve.

Happy Mother's Day, mama. This will always be your day! Love Olympia Lilac's Mummy ❤️

To the Mums with one living child and another that was taken far too soon. Remember it's ok to avoid answering difficult questions like "Is this your only son/ daughter?" - protect your heart ❤️

You are still a mumma and whilst on Mother's Day you may feel invisible and that people have forgotten/don't see this, it doesn't change the facts. I see you, mumma! 

We see a mum. You may not be able to cuddle your baby in your arms this Mother's Day, but you hold them in your heart every second of every day. You have got this xx

You are mum. You held a hope within your body, or your arms for a moment, no matter the length of measurable time. But you'll hold that hope in your heart forever. I see a mum, I hear a mum's pain. Much love on this day and always from a mum of 5 angels and 2 rainbows. xxx

Thank you so much to every single person who shared a message with us.