Join our We See A Mum campaign this Mother’s Day

After an incredible response from our community last year, we’re proud to bring back our #WeSeeAMum Mother’s Day campaign to recognise and celebrate all mums – including those whose babies can’t be with them.

Mother’s Day (Sunday 19 March) is typically a day of celebration, but it can be emotional, especially if you are a mum without your child. Many people feel like parents from the moment they see a positive pregnancy test – but heartbreakingly, not everyone gets to bring home a healthy baby. In fact, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss during pregnancy or birth.   

#WeSeeAMum seeks to change preconceptions of what it means to be a mum, recognise all mums, and celebrate the different versions of motherhood on a day which can be difficult for many.  

Through this campaign, we want to reclaim Mother’s Day for those of you in our community who feel isolated from it and might feel that your experience of motherhood is marginalised, invalidated or hidden on Mother’s Day.  

We want all mums to feel empowered to share their story and know that no matter what their journey, they are seen.   

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Our world changes from year to year, and our lives change from day to day, but any mother that has ever lost a baby will tell you that the love we have for our babies – in our arms, in the stars or the ones we long for in our heart – that love can never be changed.

— Kajal, sharing her story through #WeSeeAMum

Last year 2 million people saw or engaged with our #WeSeeAMum social media content – with more than 1 million of you viewing our powerful and emotional video of photographs and film showing a diverse range of pregnancy experiences, narrated with a compelling voiceover by one of our new Tommy’s Ambassadors, Dr Ria Clarke.  

More than 500 stories, poems, photos and videos were shared via our #WeSeeAMum hashtag, with these stories helping reshape conversations and bring the complexity of parenthood journeys to the surface, while celebrating and sharing the joy of motherhood in a realistic and honest portrayal.  

This year we’re encouraging you to do the same. By continuing to raise awareness you'll also be helping us fundraise to continue providing our support and information services and progress our lifesaving research into the causes of, and treatments for, baby loss. 

To help you send love and support to those who need it, we’ve partnered with Bloom & Wild to create a beautiful bouquet, and we’ve also launched our new range of fundraising cards in digital and paper form. They can be personalised and ordered online through the Tommy’s shop, with an optional donation going toward our lifesaving research.  

Our Chief Executive Kath Abrahams says:  

“At Tommy’s, we understand that every experience of motherhood is unique, and what it means to be a mum is completely different for everybody. Some people will feel like parents from the second they start an IVF journey, as soon as they get a positive pregnancy test, or at their first scan. We know that this feeling doesn’t go away if, heartbreakingly, a much-wanted pregnancy ends in loss. Through this campaign we’re recognising every mum. No matter what your journey, Tommy’s is here for you.” 

At Tommy’s we see every mum. And we’re with you on Mother’s Day, and every other day you need us.  

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As a mother who has been through several Mother’s Days since the stillbirth of my son Henry, you might think that I would be getting used to this triggering and emotion-filled day. But no, each year has brought its own new situation, from pregnancy after loss (and every time being treated as a first-time mother), to the many challenges of having a baby and then toddler - my second child who is thankfully alive and thriving. Just when I thought I was building up my resilience, I was hit again by new challenge - a month ago I had another miscarriage identified at my 12-week scan.

— Dr Rose Abbott, sharing her story through #WeSeeAMum