We say that our supporters are superheroes and here is the proof!

Four women from Tommy’s partner Tumble Tots took to the skies to help raise £50,000 to fund pioneering research and save babies’ lives.

Charity fundraising story, 04/05/2017

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No…

…it’s a fundraiser!

Last week, four modern day heroes took to the skies to raise vital funds for Tommy's!

We are excited to have partnered with the wonderful Tumble Tots this year. This fantastic organisation is raising £50,000 to help us fund more research and save babies’ lives.

They’ve done raffles, cycles, runs and cake sales but for one franchise this was not enough!

Megan Jackson and three of her colleagues decided to take on a skydiving challenge to help contribute to this total.

Check out their photos!

Megan told us;

‘It meant a lot to do this jump for Tommy’s because it’s such an amazing charity. The fact that 1 in 4 couples are affected really hit home, particularly as one of our team members has suffered a miscarriage herself. It was good to raise money for a charity so close to home.’

This skydive was about more than just raising money.

For Megan, the jump was also a way to raise awareness of Tommy’s in her friend and age groups.

‘I’m only 23 at the moment but I do want to have a family one day and I think a lot of young people take for granted that it’s going to be easy and actually it is not always that simple. I want to raise awareness for Tommy’s in my age group because one day we may need the help of Tommy’s, or may even benefit from Tommy’s research without even realising it.’

The group have raised a fantastic £1,874 and we’re so grateful for their support. Well done ladies!

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If you’ve been inspired by these wonderful women from Tumble Tots and want to help us fund research into pregnancy complications and loss, take a look at how you can help.