Black Baby Loss Awareness Week 2023

15 - 19 May 2023 is the 1st ever Black Baby Loss Awareness Week (BBLAW). BBLAW was co-founded by Tommy’s Midwife, Alicia, to raise awareness of the support available for Black families after pregnancy and baby loss.

This week is Black Baby Loss Awareness Week, which was set up by Tommy's Midwife, Alicia. We know Black families are unfortunately more likely to experience pregnancy and baby loss than White families, and some aren't aware of the support that’s available. Alicia hopes to bring awareness of the services and organisations available to support families in Black communities.

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"My personal and professional experience has given me insight into the care available for families affected by pregnancy, neonatal and infant loss. BBLAW will highlight them, and place a spotlight on service providers that can help Black families during what may be the most traumatic time of their lives."

Graphic showing that Black babies are almost 2x more likely to die within the first 28 days after birth compared to white babies.

Recent statistics from the ONS and Tommy's show that Black and Black Mixed-Heritage women and birthing people are 43% more likely to experience miscarriage. They're also almost 50% more likely to experience stillbirth, and Black babies have the highest infant mortality rates in the country. 

Despite these figures, there is a range of support available for Black families during and after pregnancy and loss. Many organisations and professionals, including Tommy's, are working hard to reduce these inequities.  

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To provide extra support to Black families, we offer a Specialist Support Service for Black and Black Mixed-Heritage women and birthing people. The new service provides a 1-1 video or phone call with one of our Tommy's midwives. Through the Service, our Midwives are able to offer a safe space and support with any pregnancy concerns. This is so people can make their own evidence-based, informed choices.  

So far, we’ve already supported more than 220 people through this service and received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with 100% of users saying they’d recommend it.

Throughout the week, Alicia and the team will be discussing various aspects of pregnancy and baby loss in Black communities which you can follow on Instagram @blackbabylossawareness. Each day will be dedicated to a theme which are below: 

Monday 15 May – Why Black Baby Loss Awareness Week matters 

Tuesday 16 May – Cultural Aspects of grief within Black communities 

Wednesday 17 May – Baby loss support services 

Thursday 18 May – How to talk about baby loss 

Friday 19 May  - Life after baby loss  

If you're in need of support, please visit our baby loss support page.