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The Tommy's PregnancyLine

Would you like to know more about how to have a healthy pregnancy? Ask a Tommy's midwife!

Thanks to a grant from the Asda Foundation you can now call Tommy’s midwives for free for expert advice on healthy pregnancies on 0800 0147 800, or email us at

Tommy's PregnancyLine is there to help mums-to-be, their partners, family members and friends, and also health professionals looking for specialist advice.

Our experienced midwives specialise in advice on healthy lifestyle choices, and can help you with issues such as what to eat in pregnancy, or quitting smoking. We are also there to help if you have suffered a pregnancy loss by providing counselling and advice about care and treatment, including how you can plan for your next pregnancy.

This service is open Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm. We aim to respond to all email enquiries within five working days, although if we are very busy, this may take a little longer. If you have an urgent pregnancy concern, always contact your local labour ward for advice.

Member of the Telephone Helplines Association

Tommy's pregnancy information helpline is a member of the Telephone Helplines Association (THA). The THA is a regulatory body, which ensures quality and confidence for callers to helplines.


Every effort is taken to ensure that advice given in any context by Tommy’s midwives is accurate and appropriate to your enquiry. However, Tommy’s cannot guarantee this and you should not rely purely on any advice from us as we will not have had an opportunity to examine you and we therefore cannot make a full assessment of your particular case and circumstances. It is your responsibility to give us full, frank and relevant information and we cannot be held responsible for any failure by you to tell us all the relevant facts.

Information from Tommy’s should not replace the advice of your GP or other healthcare professional. Pregnant women should have regular check ups and attend all of their scheduled appointments and scans throughout their pregnancy.

If you are concerned in any way about your own health or pregnancy, or your baby’s health, you should get advice from your GP or other healthcare professional as soon as you can. We do not take responsibility for the content of any external websites or other references listed here. Whilst we do not seek to exclude our liability if we make any negligent error causing physical harm, we will not otherwise be responsible for any claims arising out of any advice we give or action taken.

Further information

Take a look at our pregnancy health section for information on diet, exercise and working during pregnancy.

Also see our useful pregnancy calendar that takes you through the key stages of your pregnancy.

Call the Tommy's PregnancyLine: 0800 0147 800, or email us at


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