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Ella: born beautiful but sleeping

Our daughter Ella was born beautiful, but sleeping on 12 November 2010. Our world collapsed, torn apart by stillbirth...a word I had never paid any attention to before.

We already had three beautiful daughters and my wife's pregnancies had been straightforward. It was a Tuesday and Ella was 38 weeks. It was a routine midwives appointment, more of an inconvenience than anything else because it clashed with school run.

Team Ella 7

16 September 2014 12:14:00

The last thing I remember is hearing the words ‘extreme pre-eclampsia’ and ‘HELLP syndrome’

I was 25 weeks pregnant and my story, like many others, starts with a routine appointment with the midwife. At least it was routine until she asked me to pop back the week after and just get my blood pressure checked again. I arranged to come back the following Wednesday. She didn’t seem overly concerned so I wasn’t worried.

Dad Craig hugs premature baby Ebony

04 September 2014 13:04:00

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