'Richard was slightly slower in walking, talking etc.. but now is a healthy 6 foot 2 young man'

Stella's son Richard was born premature weighing just under 5lbs.

Richard then and now

Tommy's guest blog, 05/09/2017, by Stella

My pregnancy was going really well with hardly any sickness which was a relief as I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum with my daughter Natasha. I still had 7 weeks to go so we went to North Wales to visit my in laws, we had a great time although felt a bit uncomfortable as the baby was pressing underneath my ribs which became more uncomfortable on the way home, but apart from that I felt fine.

When I went to bed I realised I was haemorrhaging a bit, I thought I might have overdone things as I had been walking more than normal, but I rang my mum to see what she thought.

On her advice we rang for a doctor who came and after examining me called for an ambulance. My husband had to wait until my mum arrived to look after our daughter and get a taxi as he’d had a beer after the long drive.

By the time I reached the hospital I was bleeding quite a lot although I was strangely calm. At 12.45 (just under 5 hours from getting back from Wales). Richard was born by emergency caesarean and weighed 4lb 15oz.

The emergency doctor visited me in hospital to check if we were both OK as apparently left untreated we both might not have made it.

I still feel grateful for all the medical help and progression of medical science as my mum lost a sister in a similar way years ago.

Richard was slightly jaundiced when he was born and had to be tube fed to start with although didn’t need help with his breathing.

He was in the neo natal unit for 4 weeks until he was taking enough milk. This was difficult as we lived 20 minutes away from the hospital and with having the caesarean couldn’t drive so felt very helpless and had to rely on lifts.

Richard was slightly slower in walking, talking etc.. but now is a healthy 6 foot 2 young man

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