The pressure to ‘snap back’ after birth

Geri Horner and Rachel Brathan talk about getting rid of the pressure on mums to bounce back to pre-baby weight.

Pregnancy blog, 20/06/2017

Geri Horner and Yoga Girl Rachel Brathan have both spoken out about the pressure on women to ‘bounce back’ into shape after having a baby, and we couldn’t agree more.

In an interview in The Mirror, Geri said,

‘I think we need to take the pressure off women about how they look and bouncing back after baby weight. It’s not fair, and I’m questioning how helpful it is to say to women ‘OMG you’ve just gone and snapped back’. Every single body is different.’

The former Spice Girl gave birth to her second baby, Monty, in January. She continued, saying,

‘Women go through so much, looking after themselves, looking after their families, getting their legs waxed, being a good wife, girlfriend... so many plates spin. Whether you’re a giraffe, a hippo or a flamingo, you’re OK.’

‘I do a gentle amount of yoga and I breastfed up to a point, but either way we need to say: ‘You’re enough.’ Even if you’re still curvy and carrying a few pounds after you’ve had a baby, I think let that go. It’s OK.’

Instagram yogi Rachel Brathen gave birth to her first baby, Lea Luna, three months ago and recently wrote a passionate post about the pressure that she’s received online.

She wrote,

‘People keep asking me what I'm doing to 'get my old body back'. My old body? Back? I have no intention in moving backwards, and I don't think my body is ever going to be what it was before. I pushed a 10-pound human being out of my vagina! That I grew in my womb for the better part of a year! And now I'm feeding her - with my body! No. My body will never be what it was before. Does that mean it's uglier? Less attractive? Less admirable? Hell no. I absolutely love this shape of mine and do not plan on jumping on any exercise routine to lose weight, or get toned, or fit, or thin.'


A post shared by Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) on Jun 17, 2017 at 3:08pm PDT

'I have a three-month old baby angel to care for. All my energy goes to pouring love and care into her tiny being. If I had to, at the same time, worry about my body, or if I were to judge myself or label myself as not good enough because it's been 13 weeks and I still don't have my abs back... I don't think I would be able to do this. How could I ever show my daughter the meaning of unconditional love if I don't first show it toward myself?'

'I'm practicing yoga when I can and today I went for tiny little run (yes, had to wear two bras and yes, almost threw up because it was so hard) but most of the time I'm just here, enjoying the softness of my little girl and how she fits so perfectly in the round of my stomach when I feed her. So please, don't call me brave for showing up in this body. Call me brave for giving birth! For raising a child! For running four companies! For voicing my opinion! Not for practicing yoga in a sports bra.’

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We're grateful that Geri and Rachel have spoken out and hope that it will reassure new mums who may be feeling anxious about their body. We'd like to remind all new mums that your body has been through an incredible experience, and it may take a while to recover from the birth. 

Bonding with your baby, learning their cues and looking after yourself are all important during the postnatal period. Eating a balanced diet and incorporating gentle movement into your routine are beneficial for your emotional wellbeing. Breastfeeding helps to keep mum healthy, too.

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