Dirty Mother Pukka podcast dishes the dirt on what it takes to make, grow and raise a human

Find out what we thought of episode one 'Check Mate: The Years B.C. (Before Child)'.

Mother Pukka Anna Whitehouse standing with daughter Mae and husband Matt, or Papa Pukka

Pregnancy news, 04/05/17

*New podcast klaxon*

Anna Whitehouse Powerhouse – or Mother Pukka to you and I – has launched a new podcast "for people who happen to be parents". Aptly named ‘Dirty Mother Pukka’, this filthy gorgeous addition to podland had me snorting with laughter on the commute into Tommy’s this morning.

What’s Dirty Mother Pukka all about?

"We’re about parenting the shit out of life. It’s the grotty truth about the modern parenting experience."

In a nutshell, Anna gets together with a couple of candid girlfriends, followed by husband Matt (Papa Pukka) and his panel of papas to talk about the issue of the day. This week they answer the question ‘How do you know when someone isn't the one?’

The chat is real. Really real. The barefaced honesty from both sides is refreshing and often hilarious, but it’s not all bold humour and “grot” (her word, not mine). In this first episode, Anna opens up about the day that she really felt was the start of her and Matt’s marriage – the day they miscarried.

"I would say the day we really got married was when he was asleep on the floor in the hospital as I was miscarrying… we weren’t in the honeymoon period, we were in the we’re in this forever period…"

Thanks for making us laugh and cry, Mother Pukka. We’re hooked already!

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It's no secret that we're big fans of Mother Pukka so we were delighted when she got involved with our #AlwaysAsk campaign.

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