tommy's news

  • New App for predicting preterm birth

    The QUiPP app, co-funded by Tommy's, is set to help healthcare professionals identify and treat those women who are more likely to give birth prematurely.

  • Parents' health before pregnancy affects future pregnancy and baby

    Research shows that the health of mothers and fathers BEFORE pregnancy affects the health of the future pregnancy and baby.

  • The Hologic Courage Award

    The Hologic Award, celebrates a couple or individual who have faced adversity on their road to parenthood, but have shown great strength and resilience.

  • Largest ever study of running habits shows that running in pregnancy is safe

    The international retrospective study of 1,293 women who take part in parkrun found no evidence of negative effects of running on the baby.

  • New neonatal care fund announced

    From 1 April, parents of premature babies will be able to access financial support to help meet the additional costs they face.

  • High-blood pressure and miscarriage

    You may have read reports recently of a US study that appears to link high-blood pressure before pregnancy to miscarriage. We explain more about how this study was made and what it means.

  • Haven Act of Kindness Award

    The Haven Act of Kindness Award recognises a person who has gone above and beyond with an act of kindness to support a family who has gone through a pregnancy complication or loss.

  • Johnson & Johnson Doting Dad Award

    The Johnson & Johnson Doting Dad Award recognises a dad who has gone above and beyond to care and look after his child/children and family during a difficult pregnancy or birth.

  • Sling Studio Mum’s Voice Award

    The Sling Studio Mum’s Voice Award celebrates a mum who has spoken out about her own pregnancy experience and given hope to others.

  • GSK Star Researcher Award

    The GSK Star Researcher Award celebrates someone who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to stimulating enthusiasm and interest in pregnancy complications research amongst the general public.