recurrent miscarriage

  • My 3 Angels In Heaven

    I have always been someone who believes in everything happens for a reason but when something happens THRICE I can only try to be positive.

  • It can have a happy ending

    At the time we didn't tell many people about our pregnancies because it was too hard to then tell them we were no longer pregnant.

  • 3 Miscarriages, now what?

    A part of me feels angry with everything and everyone, Why me? It’s not fair, what have my husband and I done to deserve this? Will I ever be able to provide my husband with the child we both so dearly want.

  • Why us

    We always thought we would have two children, but still to date we are still struggling with our second.

  • Oddly Positive

    I hope that by people taking about the subject helps other mums and dads feel more able to come to terms with their loss.

  • Guilt and algorithms

    We weren't sure we were ready for a baby. In fact we were pretty sure we weren't ready! We felt like we were probably a bit too selfish

  • Tired

    I just found out at our 12 weeks scan that our baby has died 2 weeks ago. We were so excited before the scan.

  • My stories

    I had my first miscarriage at nine weeks in 2009- my first pregnancy.

  • Nine Miscarriages

    We are an extremely strong couple and no where near ready to give up just yet.

  • An unsent pregnancy announcement

    Due to the previous pregnancy ending in miscarriage, I was very anxious about the new pregnancy. I wanted it so badly, but I knew how easily it could be taken away from me.