recurrent miscarriage

  • Tired

    I just found out at our 12 weeks scan that our baby has died 2 weeks ago. We were so excited before the scan.

  • My stories

    I had my first miscarriage at nine weeks in 2009- my first pregnancy.

  • Nine Miscarriages

    We are an extremely strong couple and no where near ready to give up just yet.

  • An unsent pregnancy announcement

    Due to the previous pregnancy ending in miscarriage, I was very anxious about the new pregnancy. I wanted it so badly, but I knew how easily it could be taken away from me.

  • You're not alone..

    I'm telling my story because it feels like such a taboo subject to talk about. Everyone announces when they are expecting but not enough people openly talk about the babies they have lost.

  • A bruise on my heart forever

    I lost two babies. Its a deeply hidden pain, we don't wear a badge saying 'I lost a baby'.

  • Hiding the broken heart

    You never begrudge the blessing of others having children, but it hurts.

  • Deja vu

    I've had two miscarriages on the same day, one year apart.

  • This Day

    This day one year ago was one that I will never be able to forget. The day I lost my baby. So many things went wrong with the pregnancy and this was the final heartbreak.

  • I have set up this page to raise money for Tommy's in Hopes name

    I have always wanted to do something big to honour her and help other families.