• Oscar 31/07/16

    Everything in my pregnancy had been going fine, no problems at all. We had been to America for 2 weeks, I had awful travel sickness but other than that I was fine.

  • Rainbow baby - at the end of a real storm!

    But what I really wanted to share was our rainbow baby journey. We found out in august we were pregnant again, cue all the anxieties about the first one and wondering if we might go through it all again.

  • Bambi

    Very often I would talk to Bambi in my mind knowing that no one else in the world could hear what I was saying to my previous baby, it was our own private conversation.

  • Lost

    All I could hear was the word miscarriage. My partner tried to calm me down, advising that maybe we did have the dates wrong and that we were going to be fine.

  • My baby is not just 'one of those things'

    The statistics for miscarriage are shocking, 1 in 4 women suffer a miscarriage and yet it is barely talked about.

  • Pregnancy after Loss

    I survived the weekend and from then I needed to mentally protect myself and my baby so I went into hiding. I didn’t want to see people or go anywhere, my focus was on keeping my unborn baby alive and well.

  • It can have a happy ending

    At the time we didn't tell many people about our pregnancies because it was too hard to then tell them we were no longer pregnant.

  • 3 Miscarriages, now what?

    A part of me feels angry with everything and everyone, Why me? It’s not fair, what have my husband and I done to deserve this? Will I ever be able to provide my husband with the child we both so dearly want.

  • Why us

    We always thought we would have two children, but still to date we are still struggling with our second.

  • Twin Late Miscarriage

    There will always be a piece of my family missing, but it feels right to share my story with others. Even within my own family no one talks about it, and sometimes I just want to shout it out from the rooftops – just to have it acknowledged that it happened.