• My very special angel babies

    I didn't need ten days, I passed my baby the next day, I knew I was no longer pregnant, the second scan confirmed a blighted ovum, but to me that wasn't a blighted ovum, that was my baby.

  • Ectopic confusion

    On that Monday I remember saying to the nurse, "I'm worried it might be ectopic." Her reply was that it probably wasn't. And that was that.

  • I never knew there was such a thing as a missed miscarriage

    The best thing anyone said to us was that parenthood is a roller coaster, sometimes right from the start - I think it sums up our experience perfectly.

  • My 3 Angels In Heaven

    I have always been someone who believes in everything happens for a reason but when something happens THRICE I can only try to be positive.

  • Grieving what could have been

    I allowed myself to actually grow to start loving the tiny being growing inside me. It was the size of an apple seed at the end but it meant everything and more.

  • Drained after 5 losses

    I was near breaking with worry and all the emotions after contacting everyone I needed to and sitting an empty room waiting. Pondering. Worrying.

  • How to remember a little girl who never breathed air and was never held?

    We were still on the mountain though, very shaken and battered but very much still on it. A wriggling baby waiting to hold at the top.

  • London Landmarks Half Marathon for Tommy's

    Tommy's supporters Tracy and Andy Cotton discuss why they are running the London Landmarks Half Marathon for Tommy’s in 2018

  • Early Loss still hurts

    We had taken a test at 4 weeks and we're so excited to become parents we told our friends and family right away. We talked about what life was going to be like, how we would decorate the nursery - we even bought a few small items of clothes and a teddy.

  • I still have hope

    We were devastated and it took a while for us to discover our new normal.