• A man's guide to miscarriage.

    Miscarriage is often spoken about by women. Of course, women endure the physical pain of passing an ‘inviable foetus’. But the mental pain is shared by both mother and father. Here, blogger Papa Pukka, co-founder of motherpukka.co.uk speaks of miscarriage from a male perspective.

  • My stories

    I had my first miscarriage at nine weeks in 2009- my first pregnancy.

  • Nine Miscarriages

    We are an extremely strong couple and no where near ready to give up just yet.

  • An unsent pregnancy announcement

    Due to the previous pregnancy ending in miscarriage, I was very anxious about the new pregnancy. I wanted it so badly, but I knew how easily it could be taken away from me.

  • It happened again

    We had to carry on with normality despite a broken heart as we had my stepdaughter with us and it was Christmas after all.

  • I will not be beaten

    The pure excitement I had over my first pregnancy isn't there but only a glimmer of hope, daring not to breathe in case something goes wrong or its too good to be true.

  • You're not alone..

    I'm telling my story because it feels like such a taboo subject to talk about. Everyone announces when they are expecting but not enough people openly talk about the babies they have lost.

  • A bruise on my heart forever

    I lost two babies. Its a deeply hidden pain, we don't wear a badge saying 'I lost a baby'.

  • Hiding the broken heart

    You never begrudge the blessing of others having children, but it hurts.

  • Love never ends

    I knew instantly I knew that my baby was gone. I went straight to the out-of-hours doctors who I explained everything too.