mental health

  • It’s time to ditch 'keep calm and carry on' for speak out and get help

    As research shows half of UK mums are experiencing mental health problems in coronavirus lockdown, we've joined forces with Elvie on #TheBigSqueeze campaign to help Tommy's midwives continue to provide their vital support virtually during the pandemic.

  • Dear pregnant me...let's talk about 'mum guilt'

    Things I wish I had known when I was pregnant about...'mum guilt'. Mum guilt is a normal, albeit frustrating, part of motherhood but don't let it trick you into thinking you're not doing a good enough job because that couldn't be further from the truth.

  • Postpartum psychosis documentary on Channel 4

    Some of you may have watched the new documentary from Channel 4 air on Tuesday night as part of it’s ‘Losing it: Our Mental Health Emergency’ series. The documentary followed a family in Nottingham who experienced postpartum psychosis, a rare but a very serious illness that is often unpredictable.

  • Pregnancy after loss and coping with PTSD

    PTSD is being talked about a lot in the media today. It’s important to recognise that PTSD can affect anyone. If you’ve been through a traumatic birth or if you have experienced baby loss in a previous pregnancy through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death, you may be more likely to experience PTSD.

  • I can’t wait to tell my little boy why he’s called Tommy

    Charley, 35, from Edinburgh was amazed when she found out she was pregnant in 2018. She’d been warned that pregnancy might be difficult for her as, a few years before, she’d had 3 procedures to remove abnormal cells from her cervix. After a worrying bleed at 10 weeks, Charley was referred to Tommy’s Lothian Preterm Birth Clinic at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. With access to specialist care and monitoring, Charley’s pregnancy progressed, and baby Tommy was born in May 2019.

  • Holly Branson visits our National Centre for Miscarriage Research

    We recently had the pleasure of hosting two very important supporters to our Imperial Centre.

  • One mother's choice

    The decision to hold your baby after their death is an incredibly difficult and personal one. Stacey Skrysak tells her story.

  • For all the fathers this Father's Day

    This time of year can be especially difficult for any father who has lost a baby.

  • ‘Every mother must get the help they need’- The Royal College of Midwives

    Today, the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has published a new report aimed at highlighting the need for better awareness and care for those affected by perinatal mental illness.

  • Why don't we talk about men and baby loss?

    A study has shown that up to 40% of men experience vulnerability and powerlessness after the loss of a baby yet many feel unable to talk about it. We need to open up the conversation around fathers and baby loss to show men that it’s alright to grieve.