Support the Tommy's Centre for Improving Maternity Care

By taking part in the Tommy's Tumblethon this year, you can help us to fund our new centre which is working to save babies' lives.

Tommy's and Tumble Tots are aiming to raise £150,000 in the 2019 Tommy's Tumblethon. 

Tommy's knows a lot about excellence in maternity care, and we know that so much of baby loss is preventable. Too many babies still die during pregnancy or birth and are born too soon. That's why our pregnancy research is working to find the causes of baby loss and pregnancy complications and to improve maternity care across the UK. People who are cared for in our clinics at our research centres are much less likely to have stillbirths or preterm births, and more likely to leave with healthy babies. But people are often travelling long distances to be looked after in a Tommy's centre. We know where you live shouldn't determine if your baby lives.

We can change this. Together we can bring hope to parents and families across the UK. How? It's all about doing what we already know works, everywhere, and helping healthcare professionals to improve care for all parents.

We will increase the scale and spread of evidence-based best practice maternity care around the UK through our new 5th centre. In the short term, we aim to help save the lives of 1,800 babies a year and reduce the number of babies born too soon by 15,000 a year.

We need to raise £2.5 million to launch and run the new centre for five years. We hope Tumblethon 2019 will raise £150,000 to help us ensure that the best maternity care is available for every parent, every baby, everywhere

Please join us in our fight to transform maternity care in the UK by making Tumblethon 2019 a huge success!