Stanley's first Christmas

This year I am looking forward to Christmas for the first time in a long time! This year I am going to share Christmas with our son Stanley.

Baby Stanley with a Christmas present.

By Beth Morris

I feel so lucky to finally be a mum at Christmas as we should really be celebrating with our two year old identical twin daughters. For a third Christmas they will be in our hearts rather than our arms as they were born at 22 weeks after my waters broke when they were too small to survive. So while four month old Stanley has no idea what is going on, we'll be spoiling him rotten and making memories for him!

Building a legacy

And since we can't spoil our daughters we will continue to do all we can to build a legacy for them - one way we have done this is by supporting Tommy's and raising tens of thousands of pounds to support the work they do to prevent other families having to go through the pain of the loss of a pregnancy. Another way we are building their legacy is in sharing our experience, trying to make it ok for people to talk about miscarriage and still birth. We feel that our openness and ability to talk to our friends and family was key to us surviving our loss. Taking this further, we chose to take part in the Still Loved documentary which is a story of love, hope and courage as families strive to rebuild their lives after the loss of a baby.

Still Loved

We felt it was important to share our story with the team as this will be the first ever feature length documentary tackling stillbirth and neonatal death. The film is directed by Debbie Howard of Big Buddha Films. The filmmakers worked extensively with us and six other families around the UK for over two years, each with their own unique story to tell.

Still Loved is currently in post production, being edited by BAFTA winning editor, Joby Gee. The film has been made independently to ensure a very sensitive film that respects the families that have taken part. They are still raising funds to complete the film and offering rewards to everyone that makes a pledge through their crowdfunding campaign. If you would like to support them you can do so here:


To support Tommy's premature birth research centre, click here.

Why our work is so important

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