The Pearls

A poem about pregnancy loss.

A pearl on the beach.

by Fer'ha Syed 

The turtle showered the warm 
sand into the air, 
Like a waterfall's gentle mist 
Hidden in the safe womb of the dunes 
Precious pearls, the secret was kept 
Excitement bubbling, wanting to spill forth from the lips 
of the dam 
The magic number 3 had passed 
And the barriers had broken for all 
the world to hear the waters news 
The waves of anticipation swelled.

Yet a painful froth rumbled cold 
Consuming all it could see 
Crashing and lapping the sand 
In waves of agony 
Growing stronger with each 

Oh, how I wish I were that turtle 
To retreat into my safe abode, 
away from the world 
And the shame, 
And the Trickles of apology 
And the looks of Pity 
Like the scraps thrown out to the 

Lost Pearls, washed away 
But the blanket of promise will be kept 
To meet one day, The Day 
With quenching water to cool my 
And give the only relief 
In the heat of my actions

The Drip Drip Drip of sorrow 
Has marked my shell 
But I will again slowly swim to 
And bury my pearls 
Once more. 
God willing. 

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