'Our baby granddaughter Erin died at 3 weeks old and our grandson Daniel was in hospital for an extended period'

Last year's Fayre & Square Family Superstar Award winners Linda and David Carr took this title for the outstanding care and attention they gave their daughter when she went into early labour. They tell us what this award meant to them.

David and Linda with the family

Tommy’s guest blog, 11/03/2017, by Linda and David Carr

The Fayre and Square Family Super Star Award celebrated family members who provided incredible support throughout a difficult pregnancy experience.

Last year's winners Linda and David Carr put their lives on hold to support their daughter Ruth and her husband who went through the trauma of early birth and the heartbreak of losing one of their twins.

Here is their story

My husband and I were nominated for and won the Fayre & Square Family Superstar Award.

Our daughter and her husband nominated us for the support we gave during a difficult pregnancy when our daughter was in Broomfield hospital in Chelmsford for some weeks and subsequently delivering twins exceptionally early at Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge.

Our baby granddaughter Erin died at 3 weeks old and our grandson Daniel was in hospital for an extended period resulting in him coming home whilst still requiring oxygen.

During the time that our daughter was in hospital in Chelmsford, and later when she and our son-in-law were spending much of their time in Addenbrooke’s, we supported and sometimes undertook the day to day care of their two older boys Adam and Zach.

We were very surprised to have won an award as we considered that our support of our family was something that anyone who was able to do it for their loved ones would do.

We were touched that Ruth and Craig had taken the thought and time to make the nomination at a very difficult time in their lives and that they had decided to make such a public announcement of their gratitude.

We consider that the support that they received was something that the entire extended family and close friends had offered. In particular, our other daughter Gemma and her partner Ben who, whilst expecting a baby of their own, also looked after Adam and Zach and ensured that they felt safe and loved during the difficult time. 

We had an amazing day. We were made to feel very special and the video clip shown of our daughter and son-in-law made it a very emotional event.

We heard the stories of other families and it opened our eyes to the many difficult situations that parents and children can face.

We were humbled to hear how well they often cope in very challenging and sad circumstances.

We were also very aware that we are very fortunate in a position to be able to devote so much time and support to our family.

 “Baby” Daniel is now 2 years old and is thriving. He is a real bundle of joy. We know that we are very fortunate to be able to say that he is meeting and exceeding his age-expected milestones.

We consider this to be a testament to the amazing care and love given to him by Ruth and Craig and Adam and Zach. They have been determined to treat him as normally as possible and to avoid mollycoddling him.

His brothers provide him with excellent role models and he responds well to their examples, though sometimes the rough and tumble causes us to flinch.

He also spends a great deal of time with his cousins Mia and Isla and he and Isla are the “baby gang” getting up to mischief.

We will always miss Erin and we think of her every day, wondering how she would have developed and grown.

We are for ever grateful to the NHS and greatly appreciate the dedication and kindness of all the staff we came into contact with who did everything in their power to care for both Erin, Daniel and Ruth and to support the entire family.

We were impressed to hear about the work of Tommy’s and we try to spread the word about their work whenever we can. My son-in-law has completed a sponsored Bike Ride to raise funds and we would like to hear of other opportunities to support the work.

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