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  • London

    Predicting gestational diabetes in obese pregnant women

    Professor Lucilla Poston, Sara L White, Sir George Alberti, Dr Annette Briley, Dr Shahrad Taheri, the UPBEAT Consortium

    Researchers are looking at whether a simple test early on in pregnancy can identify women at risk of diabetes.

  • Manchester

    Diabetes, fetal growth and stillbirth

    Dr Jenny Myers, Dr Susan Greenwood, Professor John Aplin, Giovanna Bernativičius, Matina Hakim

    Women suffering from diabetes are much more likely to suffer from stillbirths. We want to understand how high blood glucose can affect the growing baby and the placenta, so we can focus on helping women with diabetes to have safe and healthy pregnancies.

  • London

    UPBEAT: how to predict gestational diabetes in obese women

    Professor Lucilla Poston, Dr Annette Briley, Dr Dharmintra Pasupathy, Mr Paul Seed, Sara L White, the UPBEAT Consortium

    Tommy’s are supporting researchers to develop a test that could be used early in pregnancy to tell if a woman is likely to develop diabetes.

  • London

    Evaluating the impact of a new antenatal screening for gestational diabetes

    Dharmintra Pasupathy, Catherine Williamson

    Our researchers have lowered the threshold at which women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. We want to see how this affects pregnancy outcomes.

  • Edinburgh

    The GRACES trial: comparing ways of treating diabetes in pregnancy

    Jane Norman, Rebecca Reynolds, Fiona Denison, Mark Strachan, Claire Alexander, Corrine Love, Robert Lindsay, Fiona Mackenzie, Ed Juszczak, Ben Stenson

    Researchers have found that controlling diabetes during pregnancy using a combination of pills is not as effective as treatment with insulin injections.

  • Edinburgh

    Maternal Obesity and Offspring Diabetes (the MOOD study)

    Rebecca Reynolds, Marius Lahti, Jane Norman, Sohinee Bhattacharya, Robert Lindsay, Sarah Wild

    Researchers supported by Tommy’s are trying to find out why children born to obese mothers are more at risk of heart disease. Diabetes might be the answer.

  • Manchester

    Can hormones in the gut cause diabetes during pregnancy?

    Professor Catherine Williamson, Dr Caroline Ovadia

    Tommy’s researchers want to understand whether differences in the chemicals and bacteria that live in our guts can increase the risks of developing diabetes during pregnancy.

  • London

    UPBEAT: why are some women with diabetes more likely to suffer pregnancy complications?

    Professor Lucilla Poston, Dr Annette Briley, Dr Dharmintra Pasupathy, Mr Paul Seed, Dr Sara L White, Sir George Alberti, the UPBEAT consortium

    Researchers supported by Tommy’s are looking at how we could predict which mothers with diabetes are more at risk.

  • London

    UPBEAT: using markers in the blood to tell which women are at risk of diabetes during pregnancy

    Professor Lucilla Poston, Dr Annette Briley, Dr Dharmintra Pasupathy, Mr Paul Seed, Dr Sara L White, the UPBEAT consortium

    Researchers have found significant changes in blood samples from women who go on to get diabetes during pregnancy, compared to those who don’t.

  • London

    Telemetric monitoring of blood sugar levels in pregnant women with diabetes

    Professor Fiona Denison, Professor Rebecca Reynolds, Corinne Love, Brian McKinstry

    If we show that telemetry-supported monitoring of blood sugar is feasible within the diabetes antenatal service and is acceptable to women and health professionals, it may have major benefits for the NHS in the delivery of care for these women.