Ruth’s breech birth story

'I had an amazing birth experience...'

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Pregnancy story by Ruth, 24/04/2018

At my 36 week appointment my baby boy was head down but had turned back to back. His growth had deviated off the chart slightly so was booked in for a gap scan four days later.

By the time I'd got there he had turned breech but his growth perfectly fine! I was booked in for yet another scan and to see the consultant a week later.

He still hasn't turned despite lots of shoulder stands (not easy at that stage of pregnancy), bridges and moxibustion.

At the consultant appointment I was told I could opt for a vaginal birth, try an external cephalic version (ECV) or go for an elective c-section. I'd done some research beforehand and, most importantly, talked it through with my husband to check we were both happy and comfortable.

I didn't want a vaginal breech birth (it sounded too painful) and I know it's not done very often these days. I didn't want an ECV and so opted for the c-section.

I don't regret that decision.

It was right for all of us. If he didn't want to turn that was the way it was meant to be, and whatever happened my beautiful baby boy would be born. I had an amazing birth experience and couldn't thank the midwives and surgical team enough for all their help and support.

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    • By Ellie Halliday (not verified) on 27 Feb 2019 - 23:47

      I went for a scan at 36 weeks and we discovered my little girl was breech so they booked me in for a section at 39+5 weeks. At no point did I consider the possibility that you can still go into labour naturally. My little girl arrives at home in the bath at 38 week to the day naturally and breech with my partner and 2yo delivering :) sections are nice but have to consider all possibilities as well :)

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