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This week saw us make our (hopefully) final baby purchase, and it was a big one – the pushchair!

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These things are the almost the price of a small second hand car. When we first started considering what kind of budget we'd need to buy all the things for the baby, I thought around £700 might be ok.

That's how much we ended up spending on the pushchair alone. And you can spend a lot more if you’re so inclined!

I found baby shopping really exciting but also dangerous - it's so easy to get carried away! There is simply no end to what you can buy, everything looking so cute and/or promising to make your life so much easier. It's really hard to see the wood for the trees.

As with everything else baby-related, people who already have children are full of advice on what you should and shouldn't buy.

I received three different lists from three different friends with 'must have' items. Whilst there were some similarities, there was a lot of different stuff on each one too!

I know I've probably ended up buying things I won't use. Buying things made me feel like I was taking control and being prepared - but has inevitably led to spending too much money on unnecessary things.

Oh well, that's what eBay and nearly new baby sales are for, right?!

I’ve bought quite a few things on eBay; and the thrill of bidding and winning made it even more exciting! All these items were second hand but in great condition, saving us loads of money.

You can literally buy anything on eBay, and you can grab some real bargains. We nearly bought our pushchair second hand off eBay, but decided to fork out full price to get the warranty and also to help ensure it might last us for two children.

I also did a lot of comparing prices on different sites and between different shops. This really is worth it, because they can vary a lot.

I bought a lot of stuff on Amazon, and even signed up to Amazon Prime to take advantage of the 'prime' sale which saved us loads of money. However, this was probably a prime (no pun intended!) example of getting carried away and buying things we won't need. You have been warned!

We were also really lucky and were given a lot of things second hand from very generous friends, or were lent things that we'll only need for the first year.

I understand that some people like to have everything new - but if you can't afford that or if you don't mind some things being second hand, there are loads of places to look including local NCT nearly-new sales and local Facebook selling sites.

Now all the purchasing has been completed, it's time to sort out the nursery and find proper places for all these things. I can't wait to transform the room into a lovely cosy, tranquil space. I can't wait to get nesting - the urge is strong!

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