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It was 20 week scan week this week! Strangely I felt much more relaxed about it than the 12 week scan.

Pink and blue baby shoes.

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I say strangely because I know a couple of people for whom the 20 week scan did sadly show up some anomalies which were severe enough for them to have to terminate the pregnancy. 

As you may have gathered, I am somewhat of a realist (some would say cynic!) as I haven't been blindly positive about pregnancy and I have been very aware that things could and do go wrong. So I thought I'd feel pretty anxious about the 20 week scan but I really wasn't.

I felt more nervous about finding out the sex! 

Perhaps because I've been feeling the baby moving so much I was pretty confident that everything was hopefully ok. It has been really nice feeling the baby move – it's progressed from the bubbles and fluttery feelings that I started feeling at around 13 weeks to full on movements which can sometime take me by surprise! They are strong enough to feel from the outside now if I put a hand on my belly. My husband felt it move for the first time at the weekend (the first time he'd had the patience to keep his hand there for more than 10 seconds!) and he was super excited!

Anyway, I digress! Back to the scan.

It was so nice to see the baby again and looking so much bigger and fully formed!

The scan took quite a while as they take loads of measurements and check that everything is there and were it should be. They look at quite a few cross sections of the baby which makes it hard to work out what they're looking at but our ultrasound lady was really nice and explained what she was doing and answered our questions. Thankfully all was absolutely fine, no cause for concern. Massive sigh of relief.

She asked at the start whether we wanted to know what the sex of the baby was, to which we answered yes and we had both been in agreement right from the start that we wanted to know. We were both secretly hoping for a girl and when she said it was a little girl we were both really excited but I also had a slight, unexpected pang of feeling like I'd also like it to be a boy. Can't have both! This probably went to show that I'd have been happy with whatever it was! She checked again at the end and said that although they weren't allowed to say it was definitely one or the other she would be very surprised if it came out with a willie! So we felt pretty confident that it is a girl.

New scan photos in hand, we left the hospital elated that everything was ok and that we could refer to our little 'squiglet' as 'she'.

My mother in law was exceedingly exited to learn that it was a girl. The poor woman had three boys and had desperately wanted a girl, so I suspect this may be one very spoilt granddaughter!

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