Due date!

After what has felt like a very long time coming, it's finally my due week!

Pregnant woman near her due date.

It feels a bit surreal having waited all this time and I can't imagine being without my enormous bump now!

The idea of having an actual baby to take care of any time in the next couple of weeks feels like an odd concept, even though this is what it's all been gearing up to.

After obsessively checking my due date on calculators when Ifirst became pregnant, I've now convinced myself that she won't be on time, so I don't have any expectations that she’ll even show up this week. Besides, I have many things still to do and sort out before she arrives!

I've been nesting like mad.

I've batch-cooked lasagne, chilli, fish pie, tagine and meatballs - all for the freezer. We have enough food to feed us every evening for the next three weeks - pretty impressive I think!

The nursery is now all sorted, with everything in its place ready for its new resident. All the admin in the house is sorted and filed. I've even sorted and tidied those odd drawers that everyone has in their house, full of random odds and ends.

I keep cleaning the bathroom, every other day it seems - just in case she arrives the next day then god knows when it'll be done again! Basically nothing is allowed to be left out of place right now. Everything must be ordered and clean!

I suppose I really should be resting more - that's what everyone tells you to do. But there's too much to do!

I'm also trying to fit in seeing friends and making the most of going out for lunch and generally having time to myself.

There have been a few days during my maternity leave when I haven't got out of my pyjamas, and have spent all day lounging in front of the TV. But this week has certainly been taken over by nesting!

I still need to have my blood pressure checked every 48 hours - and it keeps going up and down - but in the absence of any other symptoms the midwife is happy for me to continue to be monitored. She's also told me to rest as much as possible. She clearly hasn't heard of nesting! I'm hoping that things will remain stable though.

The other thing that is consuming my activity at the moment is trying to get my baby into the best position ready for birth.

At the moment she is still pretty much back-to-back, but slightly turned to the right hand side.

Whilst I'm trying to remain confident that she'll turn during labour if necessary, I’m trying to do everything to help her round in the meantime. This means no leaning back at all, so sitting on my exercise ball, sitting leaning forward over the back of a chair, lots of being on my hands and knees and crawling around on the floor.

All I want to do is lie back on the sofa, but it's not to be if I want to turn this baby! I'm trying not to worry about it too much though, as it's the kind of thing I know could really start to stress me out and that won't do anyone any good.

My mum is going off on holiday for three weeks on Saturday, three days after my due date. So if the little lady is any later than that, my mum will miss the whole thing! That means she's clearly gagging for things to get moving, but despite some very strong Braxton Hicks contractions, there really are no other signs that she's on her way.

My mum and I are going out for lunch on my due day to celebrate that together, given that it's probably unlikely she'll be around for the birth.

You can never say never though when babies are involved!

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