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I've never been a big caffeine drinker, or at least that's what I thought. So when I became pregnant it wasn't something I really thought about needing to check out in terms of how much I consume.

A cup of coffee.

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Last year I slipped a disc in my back and in an effort to try anything and everything to try and relieve the pain and promote healing I cut most caffeine out of my diet. Having always been adverse to anything other than 'proper' tea I did get into green tea and jasmine tea and started to actually quite enjoy it. As my back slowly started to improve, my resolve around the herbal teas started to dwindle and I was soon back to the real stuff.

I am a massive sucker for a takeaway coffee and the only thing stopping me from buying one everyday is the cost – those lattes really do add up to a small house deposit!

On my 'worst' day I probably drink 3 mugs of tea and a takeaway coffee. I used Tommy's caffeine calculator to see how many milligrams this would come out as – the result was 365mg of caffeine.

Oops! That's 165mg over the recommended daily limit for ladies who are growing a baby!

I have read that take away coffee is stronger than filter or instant coffee so my actual result may actually be a bit higher than this.

So the good news, on the caffeine front anyway, is that I have been feeling so sick the idea of hot drinks makes me want to hurl. I have tried ginger tea – mooted for being a good cure of nausea – but to not much avail. In fact, I think it might make me feel worse.

But then last week my boss asked to go for a coffee. So what did I do? I ordered a latte. Paranoid about not wanting to raise suspicions at work, I also thought this might throw them off the scent.

I felt horrific for the rest of the day, was sick several times that evening and could barely eat a thing.

Now this might have been pure fluke but I'm blaming the latte! It was the first coffee I'd had in about six weeks but I just don't think it agreed with me. So that's worked in making me give coffee shops a wide berth for the foreseeable future. In the meantime I will be monogamous with water, my faithful friend.

Got three seconds to spare? Try Tommy's caffeine calculator.

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