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Follow our Pregnancy Insider, the mum-blogger who tells it like it is. She is 29, lives in East Anglia, practices yoga and is a big fan of House of Cards - and she's pregnant with her first baby.

  • Midwife listening to baby's heart beat.

    I heard a heartbeat and other news

    Today I had my 16 week appointment, with yet another midwife! Apparently the original rather grumpy one will be back in time for the 25 week appointment though – joy!

  • Children's building blocks spelling the word 'Dad.'


    My husband and I have always had a pretty strong relationship and one of the key things I put this down to is our strong communication.

  • Pregnant woman sitting on exercise ball.

    Keep on moving

    My energy is back and I'm ready to exercise

  • Pregnant woman with sun cream on belly.

    Feeling hot, hot, hot!

    There really is only one thing to report this week and that is how damn hot I've been feeling! We are experiencing some sort of heatwave at the moment which is making most people pretty sweaty, but wow am I feeling it!

  • A cup of coffee.

    Drinks served hot

    I've never been a big caffeine drinker, or at least that's what I thought. So when I became pregnant it wasn't something I really thought about needing to check out in terms of how much I consume.

  • Pregnant woman at work

    Work woes - morning sickness

    Dealing with being pregnant at work has been really hard.

  • A plate of toasted crumpets.

    Pass me a crumpet!

    Morning sickness. Why is it called morning sickness when you feel sick ALL DAY LONG baffles me immensely. It seems cruel for a term to be so misleading.

  • Woman talking to her GP

    How I stunned the GP into silence

    Everything I read told me that you should go and speak to your GP or midwife as soon as possible after finding out you’re pregnant.

  • A positive pregnancy test.

    The Big Fat Positive (BFP)

    Our baby was conceived in South Africa during two hedonistic weeks celebrating a friend’s wedding.



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