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Follow our Pregnancy Insider, the mum-blogger who tells it like it is. She is 29, lives in East Anglia, practices yoga and is a big fan of House of Cards - and she's pregnant with her first baby.

  • Pregnant woman sitting on chair.

    Birth plans

    Up until now I hadn't really thought much about a birth plan other than I was sure I didn't want a home birth.

  • Pregnant women in antenatal class.

    Antenatal classes: pregnancy insider

    I've heard a variety of views expressed about antenatal classes – as with everything, everyone has an opinion! of the past.

  • Picture of an empty sofa covered in streamers.

    Going to a hen do at 6 months pregnant

    I went to a hen do last weekend - while 6 months pregnant. A hen do while sober is never going to be one of life's highlights.

  • Mat B1 form

    The mat B1 - Maternity leave - how much can I afford?

    I got my Mat B1 form at my 25-week midwife appointment. Actual proof that I am pregnant - as if my massive bump is somehow not enough.

  • Pregnant woman having ultrasound scan.

    25 weeks - my pregnancy milestone!

    Time seems to be hurtling by at the moment. A friend said to me a week or so ago that it's a relief to get to 25 weeks as the baby is then officially viable.

  • Pregnant woman holding her stomach.

    Baby movements

    I started feeling the bubbles and fluttery feelings they tell you about at around 14 weeks.

  • Woman holding her back in discomfort.

    Aches and pains

    Having suffered with back pain for about a year since I slipped a disc, I was worried that pregnancy may cause me increased problems. Sure enough it has!

  • Pink and blue baby shoes.

    Pink or blue?

    It was 20 week scan week this week! Strangely I felt much more relaxed about it than the 12 week scan.

  • Pregnancy Pilates class.

    Pregnancy pilates

    I'd been looking into doing a pregnancy pilates class for a while.

  • Question marks drawn in white chalk on blackboard.

    Say what?

    This has been an area of fascination and great annoyance to me for a little while now. Inappropriate questions you get asked when you're pregnant.



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