Movements Matter one year on

A year since launching Movements Matter, we take a look at the impact it's had and explain what it continues to mean to us.

We're celebrating #MovementsMatter's first birthday. The film has reached over 6 million people so far, many of who have emailed, messaged and called us to say how it helped their family.

Movements Matter saved lives

Watch our film to find out about some of the women who followed our advice (and their instincts), and the babies that are here today because of it:

'Since we launched the movements matter campaign we have received many emails and Facebook posts from mums telling us their stories. Alerting mums to monitor their baby’s movements and to hear about them acting on concerns without delay has saved babies’ lives and empowered mums to seek the help they need. I want to thank parents for sending in their stories but most of all for speaking up when they have concerns. It’s as true today as it’s always been – mum knows best!' Jane Brewin, Tommy's Chief Executive

A photo of a sleeping babyWhat's next for #MovementsMatter?

We won't stop until everyone knows that babies’ movements don't slow down towards the end of pregnancy and babies don’t ‘run out of room’. We will continue to support mums and encourage them to trust their instincts.

'I wish I was told to keep an eye on movements. I wish I never listened to the old wives' tale that babies run out of room.' Chelsea

What can you do?

Keep sharing the film and #MovementsMatter message. Together, we can save even more lives.

If you notice any change in movements, tell your midwife as soon as possible.

'It saved my son's life. Even though I did feel like I was needlessly wasting the hospital's time, I'm so glad I did.' Agatha

More about the Movements Matter campaign

  • A woman experiencing reduced fetal movements

    Reporting reduced fetal movements

    Are you worried about your baby’s reduced movements? This leaflet outlines the care that you should expect to receive, depending on which stage of the pregnancy you are at.

  • Would you notice if your baby's movement slowed down?

    Movements matter - raising awareness of fetal movements

    Our #movementsmatter campaign, launched on 24 October, challenges dangerous myths about baby movement during pregnancy, and urges mums-to-be to follow current recommendations about what to do when they experience a change in their baby's movements.

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