Free app to support parents of premature babies

Get our free app to support parents of premature babies. It has advice, tips and all the information you need while your baby is in special care after a premature birth. 'My Premature Baby' is available on all devices (phones, tablets).

My Premature Baby is available on all devices (phones, tablets and desktop computers).

Download My Premature Baby app for Apple devices here

Download My Premature Baby app for Android devices here

The app was developed with obstetricians, neonatologists and paediatricians and contains information and advice on premature birth, the baby's time in hospital and going home with a premature baby. 

It contains customised growth charts for premature babies, allowing you to track your baby's weight and growth over time


"I’m really grateful that the app exists and heavily rely on it to keep track of feeds."

"I use the app to plot my daughters weight and now she’s over 6 months."

"This is so useful. I remember being so paranoid when I brought Tiana home."

"Another reason why Tommy’s is such an amazing charity. Since Ryan was born I’ve discovered this really useful app which helps parents of premature babies keep a record of feeding, weight and other things that are extra important for babies born before term."

My Premature Baby app features

The app also has the following features:

  • a development diary - allowing parents to record events, thoughts and milestones
  • a feeding log - allowing parents to record times, type and amount of food given
  • ability to easily share information about your baby with family and friends on Facebook
  • ability to track the baby’s weight on a growth chart
  • ability to find other parents going though similar experiences on a map.

Get the app for Apple devices 

Get the app for Android devices

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