How do you know if you have had a stillbirth

Some women say they simply knew something was wrong and went to hospital. Others weren’t aware until a routine appointment finds no heartbeat, or a scan reveals the baby has died.

Others discover during the pregnancy that there is a problem that means the baby cannot survive.

It may be at the birth itself that the baby dies. However the parents find out, it is a devastating experience.

The time immediately after finding out can be shocking and you may not even believe the news. You and the baby's father may ask for second opinions or to have it proved to you somehow.

These are all common reactions and the health professionals caring for you should be able to help answer your questions. If you are on your own ask for someone close to come and support you. You might want a close relative or friend to be with you.

In the early hours and days after the news you may have to make quite a lot of decisions. It can seem hard and you may keep changing your mind or feel numb and not know what you want.

It can be tough, but some of these decisions will help you in the days and even years to come. Ask your midwife and the person supporting you to help you. And don’t be afraid to say if you’ve changed your mind.

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