Trying for another baby after a stillbirth

Making the decision to try again for another baby after a stillbirth is a very personal one

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This is obviously a very personal decision to make and what is right for one couple isn't right for another. You may not be ready to even read this, while another woman may want to think about trying for another baby as soon as possible. Having been so far into your pregnancy means you will need time to allow your body to recover physically from the pregnancy and birth. Talk to your doctors about how long you should wait; you will usually have a follow up appointment arranged for around 6 weeks following the birth.

They will also be able to talk to you about how any future pregnancy would be monitored and this may help you to plan what you would like to do. Other factors such as your age or general health should all be considered when you are making your choices.

Talk together as a couple, but don't be surprised if one partner feels ready before the other. This is something that you will need to discuss and agree upon. Your next period usually comes around 4 to 6 weeks after the stillbirth but you will be bleeding for a few weeks following the birth so it can sometimes be hard to know.

Remember that you will probably ovulate and be fertile 2 weeks before your first period so you could in theory become pregnant very shortly after the stillbirth. If you don't want this to happen then use contraception such as condoms.

If no known cause was found it is unlikely that you would suffer another stillbirth but talk to your doctors about your individual chances. If there were causes found, such as diabetes, pre-eclampsia or other medical conditions, then there may in theory be an increased risk. However, you are likely to be very well monitored, and potential problems could be found earlier. Your medical treatment may be altered meaning that your baby could be delivered earlier before problems arise.

Talk to your medical professionals about what you can expect and how potential problems would be avoided. If you feel that you would want to be cared for at a different hospital, or with a different medical team, talk to your GP about who you should see and how to get a referral.

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