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Help and support managing gestational diabetes


Phone your healthcare team on the numbers provided

Diabetes UK helpline 0345 123 2399*, Monday–Friday, 9am–7pm.

Tommy’s pregnancyline 0800 0147 800 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

NHS Direct


Diabetes uk - forum -

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  • Happy mum and healthy baby.

    Long term implications of gestational diabetes

    For most women, glucose levels return to normal the moment the baby is born, when your hormones return to their natural levels, and you will stop any treatment immediately.

  • Happy pregnant woman in hospital bed.

    Gestational diabetes and giving birth

    Today, for women with gestational diabetes, the emphasis is on trying to keep the birth as normal as possible unless there is a particular reason to do things differently.

  • Pink medicine bag containing insulin and other diabetes medication.

    Treatment - medication and insulin

    Some women can control their glucose levels through diet and exercise alone but the majority will need to take tablets or injections to help control it.

  • Woman talking to health professional.

    Extra care for women with gestational diabetes

    Once you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, your pregnancy care will change. This is to make sure that everything is done to reduce the risk of any harm to you and your baby.

  • Nurse showing woman test results.

    Risks of gestational diabetes

    If you have gestational diabetes, you will have been told that gestational diabetes holds risks to the mother and baby, but women tell us they are not always clear exactly what those risks are.

  • Woman drinking a glass of water

    Symptoms of gestational diabetes

    Women with gestational diabetes often do not have any symptoms at all, and this is why women are all monitored for it by routine checks in pregnancy.

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