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Once you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you will need to monitor your blood glucose through each day. Depending on what your healthcare team have said, you may also be prescribed some tablets or insulin injections.

Woman testing her glucose levels.

None of these things are complicated in themselves, but they can take some getting used to. Most people find that over time, they get into a routine, but for the first couple of weeks it may feel very new and a little overwhelming.

This section sets out some simple, practical guidance on monitoring glucose levels and injecting insulin. This information has been written to be used alongside the much more detailed training and guidance you should have been given by your healthcare team.

Your emotions and gestational diabetes

Being diagnosed and treated for gestational diabetes affects different people in different ways. Some women seem to take it in their stride, while others find it very difficult.

A diagnosis of gestational diabetes can change your pregnancy experience overnight, with the extra checks and healthcare appointments. Some find it makes them feel very anxious about their baby, while others feel low about the need to change their diet or take medication. Some feel a sense of loss for the type of pregnancy or birth that they hoped for – although many women who have gestational diabetes do go on to have a normal delivery.

If you are feeling emotional, try to share your feelings with supportive people who you find easy to talk to, whether your partner, friends or relatives, or an approachable healthcare professional. You may also find it helpful to connect with other women with gestational diabetes, or who had it in the past, whether locally or online.

There is a lot of information on wellbeing in pregnancy in the mental health section of our website, including tips on lowering stress levels.

"I was put in a group of women with gestational diabetes. That was really lovely. There was somebody just a few days ahead of me in the whole process, so she could tell me what to expect. It was really good."Katie, mum of two

If you would like to connect with others, visit this website which has a thriving forum with threads discussing every aspect of diabetes.

this website

If you are struggling to cope, talk to your GP. They may be able to offer you additional support. Diabetes UK also has a variety of support options.

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