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'Thanks to all the doctors and midwives looking after us, she was born perfectly healthy.'

Little Aria Rose was born under the care of the Tommy’s Metabolic Antenatal Clinic at The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

Tommy's guest blog, by Agnieska, March 2018

My two previous pregnancies had been very difficult. I had had pre-eclampsia and my BMI (Body Mass Index) was a bit high but after a gap of 14 years we decided we were going to have a baby. 

I had gestational diabetes diagnosed very early and was referred to the Tommy’s metabolic clinic at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary.

I was given classes on how to control my blood sugar. I learned that nothing I had done triggered the onset of gestational diabetes for me. The great news was that all potential complications for me and my baby could be avoided by modifying my diet accordingly.

I attended the clinic until the end of my pregnancy. All the doctors and midwives were very supportive and caring. 

We had a planned caesarean section at 38 weeks.  My partner and I have been amazed at the way the operation has been performed and how our daughter was introduced to us. We are thankful to Dr Fiona Dennison and the whole team in the metabolic clinic as on 23.01.2018 our angel baby girl was born.

Thank you all!

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