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'I had a beautiful healthy baby boy weighing 7lb 11 on 8/7/17 and couldn't be happier'

Baby Robert was born thanks to the help and care of the Tommy’s Edinburgh clinic at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Tommy's guest blog, 30/08/2017, by Alison

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for some time, we had all the tests carried out and there was nothing stopping us so we kept trying and finally it happened!!

I knew from my diabetes nurse at the Western General metabolic clinic that I would be referred to the Tommy's unit at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary about week 7.  The initial appointment took a while as I visited the midwife, dietitian and doctor. I then had regular appointments every fortnight, these appointments did not take as long - but it depends on how busy the unit is.

The unit were very supportive and helped keep me on track with my weight and diabetes - monitoring my blood glucose levels and blood pressure. They clearly explained what was happening to me and the future plans for the baby. This helped me feel calm and keep some control over the changes to me and my growing baby.

By the third trimester I was now having weekly appointments, and by 32 weeks I was visiting the day assessment at least 2 times a week as my blood pressure kept creeping up. I soon became very familiar with the team in the Royal - which helped for when I got taken in to be induced.

I was induced at 38 weeks and ended up having to have an emergency section.

I had a beautiful healthy baby boy weighing 7lb 11 on 8/7/17 and couldn't be happier.

Members of the unit came to visit me in the ward after I had my baby to see how we were getting on.

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