After the birth

Once you have both recovered, it’s time to bring your new baby home.

Once you are at home, the midwife should visit the first day after you've been discharged from the hospital to check on you and your baby. If you have not been seen the day after discharge then you should ring the hospital to check.

They are there to make sure that you and the baby are doing well after the birth. Once the midwife is happy that you and your baby are doing well (usually around day ten) you will be handed over to a health visitor. The midwife may discharge you at day 10 but can continuing visiting up until day 28.

In after the birth

  • New mum changing her baby's nappy

    What you will need for your baby

    As well as your bags for the hospital, you need to have a few things at home for when your baby arrives.

  • Yawning baby.

    Coping with sleepless nights

    It’s really hard to stay cheerful if you’re being woken up every couple of hours every night. Try to remember that it won’t last too long.

  • Mum breastfeeding baby.

    Feeding your baby

    Feeding can be a lovely time to get to know your baby and to bond. At the start you’re going to be doing a lot of feeding.

  • Mum playing with baby.

    You and your baby

    Imagine what it’s like for your baby, doing everything for the first time.

  • Mum and baby.

    Your body after the birth

    Your body has just been through an incredible experience, and it may take a while to recover. And your feelings may be all over the place!

  • Mother and sleeping baby.

    Your mental health after the birth

    You may feel on top of the world, exhausted, excited, worried about looking after your baby, joyful, tearful, proud of yourself… or all of them at the same time.

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