We can’t all be elite athletes, but one new mum has raised the bar for pregnant runners everywhere.

Star sportswomen like U.S runner Sarah Brown are championing a change in attitudes towards exercise in pregnancy.

Sarah and baby Abigail.

Although U.S professional runner Sarah Brown did not make it through to the 1,500 metres in Rio, her race towards the 2016 Olympics was far from a failure. She first discovered she was pregnant unexpectedly in July last year and decided to postpone competing professionally but to continue training. Her training programme was carefully advised by her doctor, who instructed her to monitor her heart rate while working out and make sure it didn't exceed 90 beats per minute.

She gave birth to healthy baby, Abigail, on 4 March 2016 and was competing professionally again a matter of months later. Although she didn’t make it through the trials to the U.S Olympic team in July, the message she had for mums everywhere was inspiring:

We at Tommy’s are delighted to see this shift in attitudes towards running in pregnancy. Although we can’t all be professional athletes it’s great that the message is spreading that exercise during pregnancy is safe and healthy for you and your baby:

Our midwife Anna explains:

“Sarah’s is a great story regardless of her making the Olympics! Exercise in pregnancy is not only beneficial for Mums antenatally (it improves symptoms eg: nausea, constipation, backache, low mood and low energy levels), but their babies in utero, in labour and in the later life of both Mum and child.”

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