Valentine’s Day = babies

NHS England figures show that the most romantic day of the year leads to a spike in conceptions.

A photo of a pregnant woman's bump with her hands making the shape of a heart in front of it

Pregnancy news, 15/02/2018 [updated 08/02/2019]

It’s not all that surprising that the romance of Valentine’s Day leads to an increase in the number of babies being conceived. However, NHS figures show that there is a 5 per cent rise in conceptions around the holiday.

For example, in 2015, 15,427 babies were conceived on average each week. During the week of Valentine’s Day this rose to 16,263, with a further 16,344 the week after.

Despite this, Valentine's isn't the most common time to conceive. Christmas is still the busiest month for planning babies, with more couples getting pregnant in December and January than any other time of year.

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