Tommy's PregnancyHub launches today

Tommy's launches its PregnancyHub today, a go-to, online hub of pregnancy information and digital tools for women and their families, providing support before, during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy blog, 04/12/2019  

Sarah Siguine, Head of Pregnancy Information  

Today, we are delighted to launch Tommy's PregnancyHub, a go-to, online hub of pregnancy information and digital tools for women and their families, providing support before, during and after pregnancy. 

We know that pregnancy can be both exciting and nerve wracking. No matter what their pregnancy journey has been, parents want and need trusted answers, support and a shared community. Through our helpline, women and their families can have access to one-to-one, confidential calls with a Tommy’s midwife. The Tommy’sLine (previously Tommy's PregnancyLine) currently supports nearly 200 women and their families every month, and it is growing ever year. 

Our in-house team of midwives know that the road to birth isn’t always easy. From women trying to conceive, to first-time mums, soon-to-be parents and parents of premature babies, we are here for you. And when pregnancy brings complications, or sadly ends in loss, we know how deeply isolating and confusing it can be. Tommy’s is able to give you guidance or just listen to how you are feeling and try to offer you support. The Tommy’s PregnancyHub works with the Tommy’s centres and clinics access the latest research and clinical evidence, helping improve pregnancy outcomes for women across the UK.

Tommy's PregnancyHub circle of support

Continuing to work towards this goal, our PregnancyHub is a one-stop destination for all parents and parents-to-be, whatever stage of their pregnancy journey. Pregnancy is a huge learning curve for women. Suddenly, their behaviour, diet and lifestyle will affect the health of another person – their baby. And this is not just as they grow in the womb, but potentially through childhood and beyond. Empowering women by giving them the information they need during pregnancy can make pregnancy safer for mothers and their babies, leading towards a future, healthier generation.

“So, you've just found out that you are pregnant… congratulations! Cue a whole range of emotions. Facing the list of pregnancy dos and don’ts that fill your Google searches can feel daunting, but don't worry, the Tommy’s PregnancyHub is here to help. As midwives and health visitors, we want to help break down barriers to accessing help and support. It is important to have open and honest conversations about the transition to parenthood, and how we can best support families.”

Kate Marsh, Tommy's Midwifery Manager

What does the Tommy's PregnancyHub offer?

Our PregnancyHub brings together all the services that we offer, including this comprehensive website content which covers everything you need to know about having a safe and healthy pregnancy, from conception to birth. Our midwife-led service includes:
Facebook and Twitter pages 
• a Parenting After Loss support group on Facebook
• a newly-launched Instagram channel
• an app for parents of premature babies 
• a range of digital tools from planning for pregnancy to mental health and wellbeing
• a midwife telephone and email support service.

Our PregnancyHub is led by a team of Tommy’s Midwives and is guided by our National Pregnancy Information Service Advisory Board. Wherever someone may be on their pregnancy journey, we’ll do our best to be there when you need us.

“Tommy’s goal is to reduce pregnancy loss and improve the safety of the mother and their baby during pregnancy. We know that there are actions women can take during and before pregnancy, to improve the health of their baby. Tommy’s PregnancyHub will reach more people, in more ways, to bring about healthier pregnancies.”

Jane Brewin, CEO of Tommy's

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