Tommy’s midwives advise women to ‘catch ‘em all’!

We never thought we’d say it, but we might be adding ‘catching Pokemon’ to our list of ways you can stay active while pregnant!

Pregnancy news, 19/07/2016

We haven’t been able to avoid the hype around the new ‘Pokemon Go’ app, an interactive mobile game that was released for download in the UK last week.  The point of the game is to catch, battle and train virtual Pokemon monsters that users track down with their smartphones. Unlike most games, the Pokemon in the app can only be found by walking to different locations and for players, staying still is not an option.

Staying active during pregnancy is healthy for you and your baby, but that doesn’t have to mean an expensive gym membership, or lots of pricey exercise gear. Walking is a great way to stay active, and we think Pokemon Go is a fun and affordable way to get out and about during all three trimesters.

Our midwife Nikki explains:

“Anything that maintains the fitness of pregnant women can only be a good thing.  If you are active during pregnancy, it can help you cope with labour better,  improve your breathing techniques and also help you to regain your shape after birth. The main thing is to not try any new sport that is too strenuous, that you did not do pre-pregnancy.  You should maintain your normal exercise routines for as long as you are able to. The thing to bear in mind if you are going to play interactive mobile games like Pokemon Go, is to be aware of your surroundings while looking and your phone screen. During pregnancy your centre of gravity changes making you more likely to stumble and fall, so you should keep an eye out for trip hazards as well as for Pokemon. And if you’re going out hunting during the current heatwave – please remember your sun cream!”

Other than the risk of falling over while chasing after Pokemon, the game poses no danger to pregnant women and is an easy way to get out and stay active. So go and catch them all!

Download our pregnant women's guide to catching Pokemon here. (PDF)

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