Spice Girl Geri expresses to the beat!

We love Geri Horner’s amusing Instagram video of herself expressing milk.

Pregnancy news, 01/03/2017

Geri Horner recently posted a humorous Instagram video of herself nodding to the beat of her breast pump.

In the clip, she says, ‘Do you like this new beat I’m working on?’

‘If you recognise it, you know what it feels like to be a cow,’ she says while laughing to the camera.

Our midwife Anna says:

‘This will resonate with all Mothers out there who have ever attempted to express! It can be an exhausting element of Motherhood and it comes around again pretty quickly but it’s a great way to supplement your baby’s feeds. Invest in a good breast pump or look into hiring one if you are going to be expressing regularly. Expressing can be associated with sense-of-humour-failure so thanks for making us laugh Geri!’

Geri gave birth to her son, Montague George Hector on January 21 2017, and it’s great to see her looking so happy and glowing!

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