'The size of a pregnancy bump does not indicate the health and well being of the baby.'

Our midwife explains why women sharing pregnancy selfies on social media shouldn't be made to feel concerned or ashamed about the size of their baby bump.

Two women sharing selfies of their baby bumps

Pregnancy news, published 01/01/17; updated 03/01/19

Social media is often flooded with stories of mums-to-be who have been criticised for sharing pictures of their baby bumps. ‘Too big’ or ‘too small’ women of all shapes, sizes and different stages of pregnancy have been unfairly body-shamed. 

Our midwife Kate explains why women shouldn't worry:

‘In the same way that every woman’s body is different, every baby bump is different. Women experience a variety of changes to their body throughout pregnancy, and these can prove challenging to cope with for many. The size of a pregnancy bump does not indicate the health and well  being of the baby and if there is a concern about the size of the baby then this can be very difficult for women to cope with without the added pressure of what a ‘normal’ bump should look like.'

Sharing baby bump selfies can be a fun way to celebrate the different stages of pregnancy. We at Tommy's believe women should be able to do this without being shamed or judged.

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