Sickness in pregnancy not always down to baby

Pregnant celebrity Stephanie Davis was rushed to hospital after suffering severe and persistent vomiting. Our midwife Amanda reminds mums-to-be that while feeling unwell in pregnancy isn’t always linked to being pregnant, you should always talk to your doctor or midwife about your symptoms.

Stephanie Davis

Pregnancy news, 24/11/2016

The former Hollyoaks actress claimed that she can’t stop ‘being sick everywhere’, even though she’s only nine weeks away from her due date. Most women find that morning sickness subsides around 16 to20 weeks of pregnancy and Stephanie’s symptoms aren’t normal. When she experienced terrible pain in her stomach and noticed blood leaking from her back passage she rushed to hospital immediately.

Doctors are still running tests, but her symptoms suggest that Stephanie could be suffering from a non-pregnancy related condition called colitis. Colitis is a chronic life-long condition in which the colon and rectum become inflamed. It is not a condition that is specifically linked to pregnancy.

Stephanie’s story is a reminder to mums-to-be that not all of the symptoms you experience during pregnancy are necessarily pregnancy related, but they should always be checked out.

If you are feeling unwell or experience any unusual symptoms then you should contact your midwife or doctor immediately.

Our midwife Amanda explains:

‘It’s important to remember that not all symptoms experienced in pregnancy are linked to the pregnancy - but may still mean there is an issue with your general health. It’s possible to become unwell in pregnancy just as it is when you’re not pregnant. If you feel unwell or experience any new or unusual symptoms, you should talk to your midwife or GP immediately.’

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