Sarra Hoy announces pregnancy live on Lorraine

Huge congratulations to Sarra Hoy who is pregnant again after a difficult first pregnancy. Her son Callum was born 11 weeks premature which left Sarra unsure whether to venture 'down that road again’.

Sarra Hoy smiling talking about her second pregnancy

Pregnancy news, 04/04/17

We’re really happy to hear the news that the Hoys are expecting their second child!

Sarra has been quite vocal about the difficulties she had during her first pregnancy. Callum was born prematurely 11 weeks early after it was discovered that Sarra had severe pre-eclampsia. Describing the experience as 'harrowing', she said she wasn’t sure she wanted to have another baby.

It’s likely to be an anxious time for the family after their last experience. Luckily, Sarra did say that (for her) 'time heals' and that she and Chris are excited about welcoming another Hoy into the world. We know this isn’t the case for everyone though and that having a premature baby – whatever the cause – may mean lots of stress next time round. It may even put families off completely.

Our midwife Amanda says,

‘Although anxiety is a normal human experience, when it is severe it can affect your feelings, thoughts, behaviour and well-being. All of us experience anxiety from time to time and we can understand that pregnancy after a previous traumatic experience can be a scary time. Remember that your care provider (midwife and the maternity team) are there to help you through it, to guide you in your decision making and support you and your family through your pregnancy and birth.’

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