Sam Faiers gets our thumbs up for breastfeeding on TV

Former Towie star Sam Faeirs was unfairly criticised on social media today after breastfeeding her baby Paul live on ITV.

Sam Faeirs breastfeeding.

Pregnancy news, 12/10/16

Sam Faiers, the former TOWIE star, divided social media today after breastfeeding her baby boy Paul live on TV.

Sam arrived late for her interview on ITV's This Morning after getting stuck in traffic. She hadn't had time to feed her baby before going on air and made a stand for breastfeeding mums everywhere when she chose to breastfeed him live on the show. 

Although Sam chose to cover up with a blanket, saying, 'yeah obviously I’m going to cover up', she was still criticised for breastfeeding so publicly. Some viewers unfairly accused her of doing it for publicity, with one tweeter commenting: 'Not falling for this... breastfeeding on TV or wanting to make headlines. ummm.'

We're so disappointed by the negative reaction. At Tommy’s, we encourage and support all mothers who choose to breastfeed, and believe they should be able to do so without worrying about being judged or receiving negative comments. 

Our midwife Kate explains:

'Mothers should be made to feel empowered to breastfeed wherever they feel comfortable. Babies need to feed according to their needs, no matter where or when and usually will not wait!  We completely support Sam in her decision to breastfeed her baby on live TV'

We salute Sam for not feeling ashamed about doing what she felt was best for her baby. It's great to see a celebrity standing up for breastfeeding mums everywhere!

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