No woman should be shamed over the size or appearance of her bump!

We're appalled that model Porsche Thomas was recently body-shamed after posting a photo of her pregnant body.

Pregnancy news 11/01/16

We were disappointed to hear that US model, actress and writer Porsche Thomas was trolled last month after she posted a bikini shot of herself while 9 months pregnant with twins.

One user asked why her belly was ‘so black’ and another commented that her pregnant body looked ‘nasty.’

Porsche, who gave birth to her twins August and Berlin at the weekend, hit back at trolls with a powerful Instagram post.

She discussed her reaction to body-shamers  in an interview with BET:

‘We don't really get to see black baby bumps and when we do, people have a negative reaction to it, for some reason, like it's vulgar.’

‘I don't hold on to other people's opinions that have nothing to do with me. I laugh at the ignorance.’

‘I know it exists, it's there and it's sad. The fact that we're in a Trump era made it less funny.’

‘But I don't let things like that bother me. I'm pretty secure in myself.’

It’s appalling that pregnant mums like Porsche receive abuse over their appearance. No one bump or baby body is the same and pregnant women should be free to celebrate their body no matter what their colour, shape or size.

Our midwife Kate explains:

‘Every woman’s body is different and every baby bump is different. Women experience a variety of changes to their body throughout pregnancy, and these can prove challenging to cope with for many. Social media can make mums feel pressure to look a certain way during pregnancy. But it’s important to remember that there’s no such thing as ‘normal.’’

We love Porsche’s powerful stand against body-shaming and hope that she's an inspiration to mums everywhere!

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