New mum told to breastfeed in toilets at Costa Coffee

We’re shocked that a new mum was told to breastfeed in the women’s toilets at Costa Coffee.

Pregnancy news, 22/02/2017

Hollie Dixon, from Brighouse, has spoken out after she was told to breastfeed her 10 week old son in the toilets at the Huddersfield branch of Costa Coffee.

She went into the coffee shop to feed her son after hearing about the company’s welcoming policy on breastfeeding mums. When she asked a member of staff if they have an area to sit and feed, she was told that she ‘could only breastfeed in the toilets.’

Hollie says she had already paid for her drinks when the altercation happened but decided to leave: ‘I felt embarrassed and walked out.’

Hollie says: ‘I found the member of staff quite rude. All I said was that I needed to breastfeed my son and is there an area I should sit. It was the way he looked at me as I said it and how he told me I could only breastfeed in the toilets.

‘I was told that Costa welcomes breastfeeding mothers and that is why I felt comfortable going in there and trying to feed in public. I heard Costa even had special areas or breastfeeding corners to help mothers have more privacy. I guess these areas must just be the toilets.’

After Hollie’s mum posted a complaint on Costa Coffee’s Facebook page, a spokesperson for the coffee chain responded:

‘We were concerned to receive the customer’s social post and are looking into it as a matter of priority.

‘We have always been very happy for mothers to breastfeed in our stores, wherever they choose, and for all those who prefer a more private area, we offer baby changing facilities.

‘Costa is renowned for its family friendly environment and is the perfect place for mums to relax with their children.

‘Our staff will happily deliver drinks to parents’ tables and go out of their way to accommodate families.’

We are shocked by Hollie’s experience and hope that lessons can be learnt from this so that it doesn't happen again.

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